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We are Gala Dent.


We have experience, a sense of harmony and beauty, patience and a desire to change what is permitted.

We have charisma, a metropolitan spirit and a lot of satisfied patients who have this to say about us.

Fifteen years of success are behind us, and ahead of us is the future that we want to create together with you, bringing into your and our world pleasure, reliability and quality.

Visit us and feel the energy and ease of the Gala style that underlies the Gala Dent and Gala Art brands and with which we together design, create and build a new smile for the years to come, a new look for new things that make life.

Smiles do not resemble each other – every smile is unique to the person wearing it.

Unique smiles, carefully designed smiles, smiles tailored to you will become your hallmark.

Once you become a Gala Dent patient, you will become a member of this large family of smiles for good.